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The vision of Central Sierra Connect is to bridge the digital divide by bringing broadband to the people and the people to broadband.

The mission of Central Sierra Connect is to support the region’s residents, businesses, visitors and organizations through the promotion, coordination and enhancement of e-technology: broadband access / adoption and technology education.


  • Optimize broad-based involvement of our region’s stakeholders through leadership in a collaborative process
  • Provide expertise through a team well-versed in broadband technologies, analysis, public services and community outreach
  • Link statistics, demographics and mapping information for broadband expansion to community, Internet service providers, regulators and public policy-makers
  • Advocate for rural needs at the state and federal level
  • Encourage broadband policy adoption
  • Facilitate broadband availability by identifying the region’s rural communities in greatest need and connecting them with local Internet providers
  • Provide broadband information and promote digital literacy opportunities within the region
  • Conduct outreach through needs assessment and education for various public service sectors, including but not limited to: public safety, libraries, schools, seniors, tribes, employment and training, etc.


  • Shared leadership and leadership development which steers the goals of Central Sierra Connect (CSC)
  • Accountability through the reporting of measured outcomes
  • Public access to and transparency of CSC committee information through various media outlets such as newsletters, consortia website and social media
  • Collaboration which respects and encourages input from many sources, including leadership, stakeholders, and the public
  • Clear communication to accommodate various audiences with a broad spectrum of technical capability

Please download CSC’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Values here.

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