New Fiber for the Mother Lode

Update on CVIN August 18, 2015

New Fiber for the Mother Lode

CVIN, now called Vast Networks, is up and running! This nearly $100M fiber project was partially funded through an ARRA Grant Application submitted in 2010 and the massive network is now complete and continuing to grow. It includes fiber routes traversing the Central Valley from Bakersfield to Colusa (up Hwy 99 and I-5 to the Bay Area) with a unique ring configuration that branches east to serve the Mother Lode region through a totally new fiber path. Vast is California’s newest, entirely underground fiber network equipped with next-generation networking and monitoring technology. As a result of this project, the Mother Lode region is now served with a fiber network that offers a unique ring configuration over an alternative route for more reliable Internet backhaul and communication interconnectivity. Due to reliance on aerial, one-way (non-ring), single provider pathways which are vulnerable to vandalism and breakage, the Mother Lode region has been plagued with Internet and communication outages. These outages cripple existing business and discourage new business from moving to the area. Vast is now a key solution for mitigating these outages. The network offers several key advantages:

Vast provides an alternative fiber pathway to the Mother Lode via Hwy 108 branching east from Hwy 99 to Sonora and then traverses north reaching unserved areas of the Mother Lode. It then loops back to its main artery near Hwy 99 north of Sacramento creating its unique “ring” configuration. Other backhaul providers (like AT&T and Comcast) follow single pathways up Hwy 4 and 16 to serve the Mother Lode;

Unique “ring” configuration of the Vast Network offers more reliability. If a fiber cut or failure occurs on one side of the network ring, the Vast Network can still communicate from the other direction. Other backhaul providers (like AT&T and Comcast) use one-way (non-ring) pathways to serve the Mother Lode that once cut, take out everything they feed;

Entirely underground, Vast is less susceptible to failure than aerial networks. Other backhaul providers (like AT&T and Comcast) predominantly use aerial pathways (over telephone and power poles) to serve the Mother Lode which have been interrupted numerous times due to auto accidents fire or vandalism;

Latest technology, the Vast network uses next-gen monitoring and networking equipment;

24/7 monitoring and maintenance;

Connections ranging from 50Mbps up to 10Gbps;

Vast interlinks to key peering points, data centers, national and global networks.

Vast Networks is now serving anchor institutions in the Mother Lode with high-capacity connections, including Tuolumne County Office of Education, Calaveras County Office of Education, county libraries, government offices, hospitals and internet service providers (ISP’s). With aggressive pricing for connections with or without Internet data, Vast is designed for large customers and is now the ideal network for prime or redundant backhaul for business enterprises and ISP’s in the Mother Lode. Clear Mountain, LLC (an Internet technology company based in Sonora) is now a local authorized agent for CVIN. For more information, call Vast Networks at 559-554-9100 or Clear Mountain at 209.213.5031.

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  1. Robert Borchard Says:

    I would like to talk to someone in your organization regarding Mariposa County. My home phone is 209-966-3412 and my cell is 209-617-8366. Thank you/

  2. Chloe Atwater Says:

    Hi Robert! Sorry for the extremely delayed response — program funding had died down for quite awhile, but we’re currently re-vamping CSC and will have funding for the next 3 years. I’m the new CSC manager, Chloe Atwater. I’m happy to give you a call if you’d still like to talk about broadband in Mariposa County. You’re also welcome to call me at 209-223-1485 x 261 or email me at

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  4. Chloe Atwater Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re hoping to up our visibility with our current program re-vamp 🙂

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