Steering Committee Minutes, July 29th, 2015

CSC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2015; 11:30am – 12:45pm; ATCAA 3rd Floor Conference Room

Attended in person: Jennifer Penrose, Darrell Slocum, Daniel Richardson, Greg Falken, Cole Przybyla, Michael Ayala, Kathleen Haff, Shelly Hance

Attended by phone: Jeff Gardner, Tara Schiff


1. Grant funding(s) and plans, projects, where the Steering Committee comes in!

CASF grant has expired but CSC is still operating off of unused funds. CSC wants to keep going. There is still much we feel we need to accomplish. Presentation made in May to Sonora Area Foundation (SAF). Grant written and submitted to SAF in June. SAF Grant approved and funded in July. Additional grant was requested from SAF and granted at the end of June for the same sort of work. This funding will help bridge the gap between existing unused funding and the hopefully, the soon to be approved AB1262 funding. The work will be focused on various forms of adoption, and will be a collaborative process.

2. AB1262 Update

This legislation is waiting to be heard on the full Senate floor. (Since our Steering Committee, AB1262 was heard and passed the full Senate and is now going to the Governor’s office for his signature.) It is still unknown how long it will take the CPUC to pass along the funding to the Consortia.

3. CSC Letter to CPUC/CASF Staff

A letter was written, signed by Shelly and sent to the CPUC and CASF staff encouraging them to begin working on the rules of implementation for AB1262 funds now. No word from them on CSC recommendations.

4. Project Update

It is taking longer than the CPUC said it would take to approve’s projects. They are still in evaluation mode. There are some technical issues and some involving CEQA. will need help with all of the privately owned towers in the upper Hwy 108 corridor and in the PML/Groveland area. Protests appeared to be resolved. CASF is continuing to get letters of support for the Pinecrest area.

5. CVIN Update

The network is now completed. The County Superintendent’s Office of Schools is connected in Tuolumne County and in Calaveras County. CVIN has increased staffing and is actively sending out quotes to ISPs for backhaul. CVIN is mandated to sell at wholesale prices to ISPs. is talking to CVIN about their projects. The ED Director, Larry Cope, is hopeful to have a project using CVIN backbone also. The main library in Tuolumne County is connected to CVIN, but they are awaiting air ducting work and the arrival of some switches to make it fully operational. That should happen in about 3 weeks.

6. NDRC and Emergency 211 Project

CSC has submitted an Emergency 211 project to the NDRC competition for consideration. Discussion about what benefit that would offer, if approved.

7. The Importance of Broadband Redundancy – recent news

Our region suffers when we rely on just one or two internet providers. We need more redundancy. That is where the CVIN project, now completed, will begin to fill this void. Recent news regarding lack of redundancy and network failure discussed.

One Response to “Steering Committee Minutes, July 29th, 2015”

  1. Alex Stromeyer Says:

    It has been over 6 years since the conduit was laid in Calaveras county.I never would of imagined the fiber cable network would take this long.
    This is indicative of why America is so behind the rest of the world in fast broadband and wireless phone service.
    It is a sad example of why America’s priorities are so askew .Wars are funded, the latest death machines created, but a service to keep up with the rest of the world is delegated to the lowest burner available.
    This lack of priority does affect our lives, and prosperity for the majority, their futures.
    I don’t expect any better service at a better price than the Hughes Gen4 service I currently have in my lifetime at the rate this project is progressing.
    I probably would not have coverage either due to my location.I am ashamed at the snail’s pace this project has proceeded at.We must do better, I have little hope we will, after all it is another example of America in decline.


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